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evilspeak 2Stanley Coopersmith is a cadet at a military academy in America. He is also an orphan and a loser that is being given a hardtime by rich and selfish students. Unable to play football, get out of menial task as punishment or get recognition for ability. While cleaning up the basement of the chapel however, he finds the tomb of a satanist and the books of the black mass. Using his computer to decode them, he discovers that he now has a magical power.  He has comes across the power to summon the devil himself via a simple PC computer program and some human blood.

Evilspeak 5The video nasties were a bleak point in the history of British and modern society. Proving that censorship was a tool of oppression and political grandstanding, without any practical use ( if such a thing is true).  This has also had very odd side effects in which many films, some of varied quality have become considered must haves. This has constructed many passionate groups and many fans, all congregating around films that are seen as special due solely to their inclusion on this list. Evilspeak is a must have and a great shining light of quality on this list of excrement. I feel that it should be seen as the male remake of Carrie.  Evilspeak builds around a rather weak story, a feast of tensions, sexual desires and cultural motifs. It has intellegence and good old fashioned gore galore. By keeping the focus on its lead, who turns in a balanced but slightly tuned down performance. It allows the viewer to root for his quest. Having utter horrors as his agressors is well done. His throw away compainion adds a hint of sourness to the mix but it is the finale that seals the deal. The losing of heads and pig eating is a nod to Carrie in many respects.



So to 88 films and the sublime work on this. The film has many versions and thankfully the 2 versions here are the best. I would direct you to the original version as that is the best and proves how great an editor can be.  Also the additional extras are excellent, commentaries are filled with details and extracts worth exploring. The interviews are good and once you have seen it once, look at it again via the extended cut. It is harder to watch and read above if you want to know why. Well done to 88 films however…well worth a watch and buy!

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