Evil Dead 2 Blu Ray review

Sam Raimi ramped up everything in this slapstick horror comedy sequel to the original video nasty, splatter fest classic. Raimi was able to find funding for THE EVIL DEAD after he directed an 8mm short film version of the movie. That film created his career. EVIL DEAD 2 was produced after author Stephen King badgered producer Dino De Laurentis to fund it via his production company. King was directing ‘Maximum Overdrive’ for him and snorting a shed load of cocaine into the mix.

I am also not going to walk through a film like EVIL DEAD 2, which has been so well traversed that it makes Oxford Street seem like a country lane. If you are a cult fan of the film, you know it well. If not, then it is a crazed, comedic venture that is slapstick, horrific, features a decapitated girlfriend, an evil book and Bruce Campbell. All in a cabin. In a wood. What you are here for is the disc and should you spend your money. Now a spanking 4K restoration apparently with some added bells and gore dripping is to land. So the bad news first, Studio Canal did not provide us with the 4K disc. This means I cant tell you how it looks, how it feels or even how it sounds. I have been given the Blu ray disc of the film only. So no extras for you guys either. I apologise but so should Studio Canal.

Right, what do you get for the Blu Ray? Well you get a dark image, with bad colour matches and a terrible imbalance in exterior to interior scenes. Yes there is still all those wear and tear problems as well but that is expected of a 16mm film. As Blu Ray.com (the best Blu Ray site state) its has never looked good and here it looks marginally better than the previous Blu Ray release. It has a new AVC encoded 1080p transfer in 1.85:1. This is much improved from the problematic original encode in some cases but overall its not great.

Special Features:

  • Audio commentary with Sam Raimi, Scott Spiegel, Bruce Campbell and Greg Nicotero
  • Bloody and Groovy, Baby! – Tribute to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2
  • Shallowed Souls: Making of Evil Dead 2
  • Cabin Fever: A “Fly on the Wall”
  • Road to Wadesboro: Revisiting the Shooting Location with Filmmaker Tony Elwood
  • The Gore the Merrier: Making of Evil Dead 2
  • Interview with Bruce Campbell
  • Trailer

‘Confirms that Bruce Campbell and Raimi are gods’★★★★★Empire
‘One of the most visually inventive, relentless, and truly original films ever made’ BBC.com
‘Delirious, demented and diabolically funny’ Time Out





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