Essex Heist DVD Review

EHHEADTimes are rough for Jez, owner of a knocked off garage in Essex. This garage is part of crime boss and all around wroung un Terry Slade. He is forcing every penny out of Jez and that is every single pence. Now Jez has heard about Slades delivery of a million quid from a dodgy casino up north. He wants that money and wants to make Slade pay for the pain inflicted. However as with life, nothing ever runs smoothly or simply. Bullets will fly, bodies will roll and people will have to die to make it work.

EH1British film has a major part of my heart. It is my home and it is the life blood of the culture we are all a part of. It is hard for the industry compete against the mammoth American market or the slowly growing Chinese market. Even Brazil has a rising animation market and British film cants cope. It often slips into either heritage cinema of Downton style or the Cockney gangster film of Guy Ritchie. The former is high production values, big stars and award laden. The latter is ASDA price, wooden and bloody. This is obviously the latter and one that peoples the straight to DVD market. A place to make okay money, making mediocre film. It has the violence and the gangsters. It has the accents and the attitude but it is lacking. The director Steve Lawson made the very good Dead Cert. He has a skill in making low budget films, good enough to be distinct. That is very absent here. The producers Richard Ellis, has made a superb label 88 films, take on a market filled with middle class money men. He made the label define a cult stream that is both skillful and sardonic. This film also misses that mark of sardonic but still hits the fun element.

EH2 filmsAll in all the film is a miss. Its dull, leaden story. It lacks the skill of previous work of all involved. In may honest opinion this is a step in the wrong direction but I suspect it is only the start of a growing relationship.


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