From the Tsui Hark, Dennis Rodman and the unstoppable JCVD came a film which, even today, stands up as an oddity of action, comedy and casting. JCVD plays as a secret agent called Jack Quinn. A master of disguise, skill and explosive action. He is like a modern James Bond, if said Bond was a Belgium action hero. Wouldn’t you know it, a pesky villain has gone and kidnapped his wife. Throw into the mix Mickey Rourke as the evil ‘Stavros’, the sort of criminal that is just diabolical and you have got a set up ripe for JCVD. Problem is he cant do it alone. So he needs a side kick. One that could be filled by a Basketball star (he was a major one) and volcano of personality, Dennis Rodman. He plays Yaz. An arms dealer, low life and maybe a good guy if the price is right. So they set off to return ones wife and avenge the others bank balance.

Now this film flopped on initial release but killed it on VHS. I know, I worked in a video shop and that was that ( I also saw it there). The shit the film got was undeserved. You see it doesn’t take itself seriously and instead is a Bond film for the 90s generation. Kicking, punching, high concept, great set pieces, a bizarre but palpable chemistry and Mickey Rourke having more ham then a pig. All in all it pays off. Pays in ways that sometimes seem almost unexpected. Take JCVD and Rodman wardrobes, the odd mix of tech they use and that final fight that is as infused with LSD as a 60s beach party. Think pure cinema. With absurdity.


Ok so the last time I saw this was on a medium that wore down stock. 90s film stock was always glossy for films like this. HD has not achieved the ultimate but it has rescued it. The exteriors look great in that they look like Italy and the luminous signs glow like a day glo shirt. In a good way.


The only extra is the booklet. This is a well pieced together essay on the films making and in particular, the product that is Dennis Rodman. He is an enigma and a star in his own right, this should have been his opening act but it became his sinking ship. This is sad.



  • [Strictly Limited to 3000 Units]
  • [Numbered Slipcase]
  • [Booklet Notes – Hoop Dreams, The Bonkers World of Double Team by James Oliver]
  • [Fold-out A3 Poster]

  •  High Definition Blu-ray Presentation (1080p) in Original 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio

  • 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

  • Audio Commentary with Action cinema aficionado & game producer Audi Sorlie & sports writer Chris Ling

  • Optional English Subtitles

  • Original Trailer


  • Region Code: B
  • Audio: DTS-HD MA 5.1
  • Picture: HD 1080p 2.35:1
  • Runtime: 93 mins approx
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English

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