Ola…its me Dora. I am a child that allows other small human blobs to learn pabla lingua of the biggest (western) countries of the world. I am a child that is of Mexican heritage and this allows me to endorse ideas of the US, without making it appear being feed to you by corporate interests. I am a small, bob haired child, who is finally venturing onto the big screen. Well an older, mature teenager, with a never ageing monkey and family of assorted ages.

I have gone to the United States, to live with my Americanised cousins, who left our home land for the Yankee dollar. When my Mama and Papa are kidnapped, after I helped them find the secret Mayan city while stumbling around an Indiana Jones cast off set. I have to return to mi patria or someplace. Save the day and let Boots, do most of the work…

Ok, so I am being a little bit of a prick in the above. JUMANJI provided a template for the way films like this one go. That was funny, sardonic and still able to play to the broad crowd. DORA is much the same. The film is funny, riffing on the cartoons oddities and specific teaching tools. It is very well directed, with pace and prowess. The cast are mostly excellent. My favourites are Jeff Walhberg as Diego, who gets the teenage, post Dora childhood just right.  Isabela Moner as Dora, is just the right side of sex symbol, silly slapstick and naive teen to pull it off and Micheal Pena as the dad, is roundly funny. But this is the problem with Dora. It is too expected. It is done before better. It is sometimes badly CGI effects of Boots. It is wishy washy and that flattens the feeling of being in something that is fun and playful but still on the nose like JUMANJI. So sadly Dora gets a maybe worth a watch from me, but if you have something better to do…do that.

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