Delirium Blu Ray review

D3Fashion is a tough business. It can be hard to get into, even harder to work those long hours and in some truly absurd conditions. Gloria is at the top of her game and is running the successful Pussycat magazine. A blend of erotica, soft core and high art, it has a wide clientele. The problem is that her shoots have been very testing for the model. She wants the success to keep going and the magazines fans to keep buying. They have sometimes become long and drawn out affairs. With hundreds of pictures taken. These even¬†occasionally have been deadly….

D1Delirium needs to have two things cleared up. Firstly this is not the video nasty Delirium that had tongues waging. Secondly, it is that Lamberto Bava film that has those amazingly weird visual sequences. I like Bava and his giallo inspired slashers. Blade in the dark is a superbly visual film that showed great style. I love Delirium not for its awful dialogue, its dull as dishwater plot or its bikini clad beauties. I love it for its transgressions. Its use of Rear Window voyeurism. Its odd eye ball pumping red, hallucinations and its amazing use of colour pallet.

D2The Blu Ray looks great. The transfer from the negative has the films hues and the colour come through perfectly. I am very impressed with this. It is hard to get that right and they have done this. The Notes by the excellent Calum Waddell on the work of Daria Nicoladi is also well worth a read. He knows his Gialli and his film knowledge is second to none. I would have liked more but this is more than enough for now…

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