Death in the Garden Blu Ray Review

DIG3Revolution is in the air in the backwaters of a South American town. The mining claims that were given for extraction to a local operation have been reclaimed. The workers are left with nothing to do and nowhere to go. They object. They march. They protest. Then they are crushed and one of the protesters is executed. the tinder box ignites and after a shootout sees scores dead and the police station blown up, many have to flee. The army now wants to find culprits. An ageing miner, a prostitute, a priest and the miners daughter are blamed. They want to find those they can blame that aren’t already dead.

DIG2Subversive cinema 101. That is what director Luis Bunuel did when at his best. He challenged the church, the business powers, the police and the government. It is not uncommon for his films to stand up to the mighty but here they also stand up to the dynamics of revolution. Maybe he was tired or maybe more so he was realising the limits of resistance. It is a film that takes the journey into truth and pain. Its a deliciously sardonic piece in its relationships. An occasionally darkly satirical piece in its characters. A rarely uncompromising film about the time and its fragmentation in its politics. I really quite liked it actually. Then I suspected I would.

DIG1The disc looks good. The 1080p makes that lovely rich colour seem developed.  By this I mean that it suddenly looks like a jungle, look like a town, look like a mine. Not sets. Not stages. The interviews are good enough. Rayns is the best of the bunch but I will add that he is everywhere. Can we not hear the voice of a younger person. A fresh voice to take the mantle on?

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