Danger Mouse Quark Games DVD review

DM2Quark is a evil blighter. He is putting on a Hunger Games styled fight to the end, on a hostile planet filled with horrid beasts and nasty baddies. Danger mouse, Penfold and Jeopardy Mouse all must battle these evil beasts, Quark that menace and each other to survive and win the Quark Games… Pink Dawn has our duo in the world of a crazy little princess girl. She has decided to cover the world in pink and starts with London. She also likes to make people look pretty and adds unwanted bows and bangles! The two must stop the little monster or else, everyone and everything will look like a camp version of Christmas…

DM3Danger mouse is the 1980s hero, back larger and more sardonic than ever. The same cutting remarks, silly antics and sub dermal send ups aside, the series has become a little more knowing and a little less funny as a point. Funny in the sense that the child is more an adult and the adult is a little lost. I know this is not aimed for me and am as such aware that the series lives for the young of today. They know more then I do and have the world, literally at their finger tips. The series knows this and plays to that with aplumb. Funny, silly and on the nose but I have only been given the first two of a 8 episode set so that is about as much as I can say in regard to those 2 episodes.

DMQ1So to the DVD and well…I know zip about it….actually less than that. We have had a tester of two episodes and little else. It might come with some DM cards…Thats it really…

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