Daddys Home 2 Blu Ray review

Brad Whittaker (Will Farrell) and Dusty Mayron (Mark Walhberg) co-dad their two children, Megan and Dylan. Dusty has also just remarried, to Karen (Alessandra Ambrosio), a writer, and her daughter from a previous relationship, Adrianna. So with Christmas coming up, it seems that the families will join together in order to have a combined day. A combined celebration of the season with shared responsibilities for everything. Brad knows that his father will also be joining them for the celebration. Don Whitaker (John Lithgow) is a happy and jovial man that loves life. Dusty is okay with this but when he finds out his tough fighter pilot/astronaut father Kurt(Mel Gibson) is coming also for Christmas, it spells disaster. Will both survive the festive period without blood being spilled or humour being lost?

Daddy’s Home 2 is a game of two halves. It is funny and those who has said it is not are off the mark slightly. The film should have been a sketch show. It is literally a series of jokes which are connected by very weak storytelling. It starts well enough. With a rolling of comedic sequences and the jokes themselves often work, if only for a titter they are well executed. Then it descends into really dire narrative ties and construction.  Often the plot lines are introduced and then never play out. We have no set up and pay off. We have no depth of ideas except the surface titter. We have no characters who we feel for. They are simply absent from our consideration because all that happens is events and then very pointless waffle chat. So in other words comedic vinaigrette and then nothing.

The extras have little to shine about. The first feature explains why they did this and in truth it is standard fare. The new dads feature is fun enough to enjoy. Then a highlight is the gag reel which is like the film, only funnier.

Bonus Features

  • Making a Sequel
  • The New Dads in Town: Mel & John
  • Look Who’s Back
  • Gag Reel


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