CSI Cyber Season 1 DVD Review

CSI3The works of the CSI cyber team focus not on the crimes of the dead bodies shot by an assailant and then meticulously examined by some lab guys. This is the techs savvy version of the series and the version that looks at the ‘modern’ criminal activity. The use of the computer as a weapon has shaped how we see the future and how it will be shaped. Arquette is the leader, wronged by an unseen evil. Van Der Beek is a side person that is the FBI voice of reason and running. Peter Mac Nicol is the overseeing agent and wants to make sure things are done correctly.

CSI1Face pulling celebs, shiny looking sets, story lines on demand and much more. Yet another version of the CSI spin off in the franchise that has created more deaths than real crime and more resolutions than the legal system. The problem for me is that the series is done, dusted and very much a relic of TV past. It had been a must watch or at least the CSI series was in the 2010 seasons. Then after its peak began the slow death rattle could be heard and show after show died. To blame for many was the tried and tested script process. The standard criminal event, Team console, impending or actual new event, final resolution.

CSI4Now I know that it is standard but it needs refreshing and this series does not do that. It also has fallen back into the CSI Miami problem or more politely phrased, the Celeb dominating role and facial close up demanded shot. This makes the performers just faces and working for that one key line. These faces pull faces for a close up. Spout empty words of no value and make the whole season like this. All the episodes are the same format, the character developments like Krummys whole sad face life thing is empty. I wished and hoped it would get better but after sitting through the whole series warts and all…Nope…Shockingly dire. If you want no brain format TV than…Winner! If you want something that is CSI from the past….NO CHANCE. The discs however have some good stuff on them. The lovely commentary on various episodes adds some texture to how to produce a TV show. The features on the cyber process and its criminal challenges are excellent but a little short. The gag reel is not as funny as the forced laughter wants it to be…

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