Crucible of the Vampire Blu Ray review

British indie film has been dominated by horror. Its a cheap genre to produce, has a wide ranging audience and well developed networks of distribution. Having covered lots of these films, I can safely say these films fall into three types. Stand out (1%), Poor (90%) or mis-fire (9%). Crucible of the Vampire is a horror legacy film. This means it relies on conventions, as well as legends of the past. So it has an eye on the legacy of vampire legend, supernatural horror and Celtic mysticism. Mixing all three together.

An ancient Celtic pot, a trial with supernatural forces declared. The pot is split in half after being found in an inquisition. One side is kept, the other is though lost. When it is believed found, a young, university researcher is sent to an old house. Owned by a rich family, it seems to have a site to other supernatural things. The house seems to have a darker side. Old secrets, new desires and the unbalanced darkness. Now will she be able to leave with her life?

Crucible of the Vampire suffers the problem of lumping all three themes together and using all of these three things to pivot something else. That something else is a simmering eroticism. For it to have an ability to be either a horror film or a vampire film, it should have defined itself more coherently. Themes become disconnected because of its embarrassment of riches, so to speak. Like the idea of desire and subversion. Rape (Vampirism is actually solely about that) is never really discussed. These ideas are essential if you are going to develop more then just weak jump scares and the like. Vampires are often turned into erotic and sensual beings but this film reveals them to also be vacant too sadly.

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