Creepozoids Blu ray review

C3The world is in dismal disarray. Nuclear bombs have been dropped by and on both major powers. This has killed million and left vast uninhabited nuclear cities. You can only survive the wilderness that is left. Armies are fighting each other for the control of the last of the valued resources. Deserters however are fleeing the war and roam around what is left. These groups have to avoid the acid rain and when it comes find shelter. However the shelters often have nasty creatures lurking and waiting. Crafted from radiation and hungry for blood.

C2What can I say about this classic piece of trash cinema that I honestly hate but many have loved. If you like films that are good for being bad (awfully bad in places) then you are in for a treat. If that means you want dull plots, silly lines or absurd visual points. CREEPOZOIDS develops like a merge of ALIEN and a slasher flick. It layers some very funny alien jump scenes with odd puppet work. It has plot holes galore but also has a lovely shower scene that is both sexy and silly in one move. I am unsure but I may not be overly keen on this and it should show.

C1The release appears lovely enough. I can compare it to a VHS version I saw. The HD has ironed out two problems from before. The colour issue and the ratio issue from that VHS. The soundtrack is very good indeed. It is the best thing in the piece and I would say enjoy it! Commentary is worth a listen if you like the film but I feel wouldn’t go back to it. The notes are very useful to the fan as well but also anyone who wants to discover more information on the way that film makers made the genre role that was desired by its fans and not its financial backers. The skilled techniques and effects are rich enough in the piece that it is definitely worth time.

  • C4Brand new HD master, restored from the original 35mm camera negative
  • Original Stereo soundtrack and 5.1 surround sound mix
  • Brand new audio commentary with director David DeCoteau
  • Newly created English subtitles
  • Reversible sleeve incorporating original poster
  • Acid Rain & Bio-Goo: A Look Back at Creepozoids: accompanying linear notes by Matty Budrewicz & Dave Wain


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