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Blow me away....

A freight ship enters into the waters off of New York without permission. The coast guard try to hail it but are unable to contact anyone on board. When the ship is forced to dock a group of scientists enter it and find it filled with large green eggs. These eggs explode if they reach a certain temperature or come into contact with a human. This explosion sprays a liquid over anyone that is nearby and they in turn then explode from the gut. The scientific team set out to stop these eggs being delivered to their intended location and killing more people. As they take on these unexplained alien eggs, they enlist a former English astronaut that they believe saw these eggs on his previous trip to Mars and knows how to deal with them. He also has a drink problem and is not very convinced that he will be taken seriously when he helps them fight the aliens. So blood will be spilled and guts will be splattered in the battle to save humanity.

Chest coughs a bit much...

Many among you will look at this film as either a reminder of VHS films that you might have seen at home in the 1980s. These films were often sleazy and crass films and they spark controversy and excitement in equal measure. They can also be seen to be a fascinating insight into a time and trend in film production. The trend we are talking about is the mass duplication of American films by Italian producers. They were produced to supply the excessive demand for VHS films in Europe. They were often poor to weakly produced and used violence, sex and dire storytelling. This film was a direct rip off of that masterwork Alien. The eggs, the monster alien life forms and the chest busting horror are all directly inspired from Alien. In this films case they are used with a little imagination and a great series of miniature sets. But in truth this is little more than an occasionally interesting scene that will stimulate the avid film fan. The bulk of the film is a series of set pieces, misogynistic fairytale and seedy erotic foreplay. What you should watch this film for is actually something completly different.

Face it...

This film suffered greatly under the video nasties craze of the early eighties. It was banned in 1983 and seized as likely to harm when viewed. I know that as you read this you will probably be unsure as to what this term even means but listen. During the time this film comes from, heavy censorship of gore drenched or physical visceral cinema was rife. The government of the period blamed much on these films use of excess as a reason for youth delinquency and violence. They didn’t take into account the economic situation, unemployment or education limitations but who does. This films chest explosion, gun shots and melting skin are nowhere near as graphic or as upsetting as some of the films from the same period. They are very tame in regards to today standard. The film should simply serve as a reminder. Film can be seen to be the problem but in truth it is more the answer. It tells us the fears of a time and the pointlessness of censorship. This film clearly shows the pointlessness of it, as it will live in history as a nasty when it should be seen as a novelty. A curious film for geeks and horror genre completest.

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