Capture, Kill, Release DVD review

Can we start this piece with a direct statement and admission. Firstly the statement is this. Found footage films have run not only there course but re-run it. Its a concept that is cheap to make and very easy to release via, well that beast the intraweb. My admission is this. I am a film maker and understand the pain of production. I respect any film maker that makes a film and doesn’t stop at the limitations set by the industry. Limits like quality, clarity or even ability.

A couple have ideas that might be horrific. Jennifer buys a camera and shows off its skills. Her partner Farhang is not so impressed. When they come up with a plan to murder a random stranger, just for the thrill of it. This seems like the worse thing that could happen but then they decide to film it. To watch it and enjoy the event forever. Things turn ugly though. Couples need to resolve issues and when one of them decides not to go through with it. The issue cant be escaped from without blood being shed.


So to get to the point. The film is not dull but has a series of very well executed set pieces and little else. These set pieces are very swiftly dealt with and make for relief. This said it is not the only reason to watch a film. Not like how you can watch MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE because it is utterly bonkers set pieces. Outside of that it is weakly plotted, written, edited and acted.  I have seen better, seen much better and for much cheaper. I found that I couldn’t engage because it was just so empty of any quality content.



  • Deleted Scenes
  • Untreated VHS Sequences
  • Teaser & Theatrical trailers


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