Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburgh Blu Ray Review

Two heads are better than are two hearts!

When a series of killings go down in a small local community, the local police are force into action. They think it might be a serial killer and as one cop hates woman, he blames them. The other is a racist, so he blames immigrants… The thing that tips them off as to this serial killer business is the way victims have started to lack bodily things. Organs for instances, Brains, livers, lungs and hearts are among the various parts removed. These seem to be stolen to order or at the very least to eat. When the investagation leads to Egyptian hieroglyphics, mummies and ancient curses…things will get very strange.

This is the send up of the conventions of the genre related series, that often made those participating stars. Often these films came about at the death nail of the genre was being struck in. They were taking talent that once was very pricey and putting them into fare, designed to parody work they had pioneered. Tom Savini for instance is a very recognisable brand in Slasher cinema and was also very aware of the conventions floating around in it. Here he adds his name to a film that is funny, extreme and just a little bit hollow. The film is a good blend of action, gore and comedy but it lacks that slight seriousness of Evil Dead or Frankenhooker for instance. They were scary and played with the audiences expectations, BPIP simply sends up like Airplane did or more aptly, a horror version of Police Squad would. Its funny but not a frequent watch….


The Disc is worth investment however because it has an interview with Savini. He has much to say on the state of play in horror and where this film came from. He also is funny and very clever. His film knowledge is sublime and he is a film hero to many. The other feature of note is the Deleted scenes. They arent works of art but suggest that the film makers were aware of the problem of gauge. This is to say they wondered how much to ‘put on’ and how much to ‘take off’. In my opinion they layered up to much but took off some quality stuff…found here.


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