Bloodsucking Bosses DVD Review

BB3Work sucks, everyone knows that. So when a group of office bound and disgruntled types find out that their work place is a hive for vampire bastard bosses that love office grunt blood, well they kinda saw it as a logical extension. As more and more people are bumped off or go down with odd illnesses and when they challenge a former worker and she explodes, it becomes all they can do to survive. Now they have to fight their way out of this hell and back to the realm of humans and normal working conditions with human bastards as bosses.

BB1Cant say that I didnt relish this little one. Billed as Shaun of the dead meets the Office, I felt sure it might just work out. It has all the usual conventions of both horror and black comedy. The one liners, the gore and the odd moments of utter shock and blurghh, mended together with conventions and charactoristic sexual tensions. The cast are schooled in timing and play the film as a comedy less a serious vamp styled feature.This gives the film makers, cast and crew confidence in what they are doing and where they are going to.

BB2 The problem with any black comedy is that it needs to knwo the subject (this one does) and it needs to know its boundaries between genre and send up. Sometimes this means that if you lean to heavily on one side, the other is submerged or consumed. It also sadly means that beacuse we have a comedy cast and a swagger for this genre, that makes the scenes run on a little long and the jokes kinda fizzle out when this happens. You feel that the tensions, drama and ever the horror conventions are fodder for laughs that go on to long and have little effect. So in the end you get a halloween party with a few comedian types and you have arrived after all the booze has run out and everyone is on the come down….

Disc is empty enough to be comparable to the jokes….



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