Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb Blu Ray review

When a recurring nightmare haunts Margaret (Valerie Leon) she wants to find out what it means. She dreams that she is in ancient Egypt and is a queen sealed in a sarcophagus. While laying there her hand is removed by a group of priests. They are one by one killed and she is left trapped. Her father, Professor Fuchs (Andrew Keir), gifts her a present on her birthday. Its a ring that comes from the tomb of Queen Tera. He discovered it 20 years before on the hand removed from her body. The nightmare is suddenly about to become reality.

Hammer left many a child literally pinned to the spot in fright. Then sometimes Hammer films even had legends around their making. Take Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb for instance. The director Seth Holt (famous for The Nanny a dark child murder chiller) died mid shoot. Then original star Peter Cushing’s wife died and he pulled out. This lead to an accusation of a curse around the feature. That and the story being taken from a Bram Stoker novel that was about an exploration team to Egypt also cursed and you have a complete logic.

Now sadly the film never reaches any of this legacy. Its under written and poorly paced. It plays on tired troupes without elevating them or even perfecting them. It feels heavy and that adds to its lack of real bite. In short its a limp release from a great studio. I suspect they were at the end of their period of dominance. The American and Australian indies were about to take hold, the tastes had changed and of course Hammer had become an in joke at that point for slightly naff films.

So it looks nice but print damage in places have left marks which will never come out. The extra is worth your time only because I like the contributors who have something worth saying about a film not worth watching.



  • New Featurette – The Pharaoh’s Curse: Inside Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb


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