Beauty and the Beast – 3D Blu-Ray Review

For the past two decades, Beauty and the Beast has ingrained itself into popular culture as one of the modern classic Disney’s, teaching generations to love beneath the surface, follow their dreams, and that nothing can’t be fixed with a little bit of a sing-and-dance.
In case anyone is a little rusty, Belle is the most beautiful girl in the whole village, with dreams much bigger than her “provincial” home. Whilst beautiful, everyone finds her odd because she spends her time with her nose in a book or her head in the clouds. But when her father is taken prisoner by the Beast, she gets to have her own adventure in real life.

One of the great things about Beauty and the Beast is that a classic fairytale has been jazzed up to fit in with the contemporary 90s. Belle is independent, strong-willed and brave, not just waiting around to be wooed by a handsome prince. With Belle, Disney made an important step forward in making their lead characters into more realistic role models. The Beast is ugly on the outside, yes, and in the beginning of the film, he is on the inside too. He keeps Belle captive for selfish reasons, in the hope of reversing the spell that took away his studly human form. Crucially, however, he learns to really love someone, and understands that sometimes it’s better to perform a selfless act for the greater good, and release’s Belle from the castle so she can save her father’s life.

Of course, no Disney animation would be complete without the musical numbers. The eponymous track, sung by Mrs Potts (Angela Lansbury), croons on about falling in love. The much-loved Be My Guest led by Lumiere (Jerry Orbach) is about a waiter’s need to serve, akin to a samurai warrior’s desire for a nemesis; without it they are purposeless. As well as providing a nostalgia kick, these songs are catchy and enjoyable, providing much more than a jingly punctuation mark. The soundtrack has brought together some of Hollywood’s best writers, as the Academy Award wins and nominations attest.

Beauty and the Beast should, in theory, be a pretty great film to make 3D. There are so many dance sequences which could really lend themselves to being thrown out into your living room. However, the technology isn’t quite up to scratch, and even with the 3D glasses, it couldn’t live up to the cinema 3D experience.
The package also includes a 2D Blu Ray disc of the feature if you haven’t yet invested in a 3D TV and Blu Ray player, as well as a 2D disc devoted entirely to special features.
There are deleted scenes, a ‘musical conversation’ with the composers, several ‘behind the scenes’ featurettes, as well as interactive games, mounting to hours of extras.

Beauty and the Beast 3D on Blu Ray Diamond Edition is release October 3 2011.

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