Bad Sister DVD Review

BS3Small town America can be a place for all manner of horrid things to happen to young and innocent women. The Madison’s are a diverse bunch, Marianne (Sidney Fox) younger daughter and her slightly older sister (Bette Davis) are stuck in a humdrum life. When Marianne is charmed by a business man (Humphrey Bogart) who wants to build a factory in the town, her life seems to be on the up and up. Sadly he wants respected family banker Mr Madison’s name and fortune only and will use and abuse anyone to get it.

bs2These classic moral pictures are hard not to take as silly fun. I will say that we need to analyse why they are as they are. Length was simply due to them running as double features for the audiences that would spend hard earned money for their entertainment. These films were often springboards for great stars (as in here), directors and writers. Bette Davis and Bogart established themselves with these fodder that would be seen as soap opera for the masses by today’s standard.

bs1This film is not exactly wonderful art or high quality but it has a charm and a wit. It is by turns silly, scary, awful, witty and funny. It could have played out like a very badly produced episode of Doctors. The comedy that is witty helps it escape this. The lovers and wanting lovers is scary. The drama is silly and the kid is awful and annoying but in a loveable way. The disc is horrid as again Simply Media have shat on the audience….

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