Autopsy of Jane Doe DVD Review

AOJDHEADA Jane Doe found in the basement of a house needs a very quick cause of death. So Tommy Tilden and son Austin (Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox) are going to perform it late in the evening. When they begin, it soon becomes very clear that the women is far from a normal case. The lungs are burnt, yet the skin is unmarked. The chest bleeds on the first incision. Then as they remove the organs and get to the source of death, events become more disturbed.

AOJD2A game of two halves. That describes football and in many ways this film. Director Ovredal makes a great starting case. The film has tension, visceral body and unsettled mise en scene down. Then it goes down a road so well travelled that I am horrified other critics have been in awe of this. It keeps playing those awful CGI, stupid shocks and that ridiculous ‘this happened’ and you never expected it. I don’t want to spoil it but its not as good as many made it to be. Stop 30 mins in to be satisfied.

DVD is filled with some pieces of subtle info…A Q and A…Thats its..

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