Assault on Precinct 13 ’40th Anniversary edition’ Blu Ray review

aopheadThe station in precinct 13 has closed and all that is left to do is transfer all the remaining boxes to the replacement station. When Ethan Bishop is assigned the job he thinks he is in for a gentle night. When the prison bus turns up with a group of death row and assorted transfer criminals, he sees this as an unfortunate aside. When a father comes in, shaking and in distress, he is worried. When he finds that the father has brought with him an enraged and violent group of gangs, looking for revenge, he knows its going to be a fight to the death.

aop1The greatest independent film ever made. Hey I am writing this review and as such you can stop reading if you don’t like me saying that. John Carpenter made a series of amazing films but this for me is him at his height. Tense in its execution, darkly comic, violent with flair and skill clever with its use of craft and of course all round amazing stunning in performances. This film is a must watch even if you have seen it before and if you have never seen it, why not!

aop2So now to the set (outlined below) and my take on is it worth your money. So to the restored 1080 transfer and it looks good, very good. The audio is on par with the other Blu ray release from the US and gets the score to dance. The Stoker interview is informative and he is a nice man and very likeable. Kaufman also the same. Tommy Lee Wallace interview and commentary gives depth to the set but its for film makers and deeper fans. The Carpenter commentary sounds like the one that was done before and is grand but if you have the DVD… The doc on Zimmer was a welcome addition. Loomis also is worth your time. Now in the end I am going to be controversial and say…If you have the US version, stick with that. If you have the DVD and want it to look and sound better or you do not have a copy…Then this is for you

Limited Edition Special Features

· Newly restored from High Definition 1080p transfer

· DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Uncompressed PCM original mono audio options

· Return to Precinct 13: A new Interview with Austin Stoker

· Producing Precinct 13: A new interview with Joseph Kaufman

· Filmmaking with John: A new interview with Tommy Lee Wallace

· Captain Voyeur : John Carpenter student short (Blu-ray exclusive)

· Do You Remember Laurie Zimmer documentary film (Blu-ray exclusive)

· Interview with John Carpenter and Austin Stoker

· The Sassy One with Nancy Loomis

· Audio Commentary with John Carpenter

· Audio Commentary with Tommy Lee Wallace

· Trailer

· Radio Spots

· 5 Art Cards (Limited Edition box set exclusive)

· Bonus CD soundtrack disc (Limited Edition box set exclusive)

· English subtitles for the hard of hearing

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