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AM3Michael Stone is a management guru and respected author. He is also a father, husband and jerk who is just about to speak to a woman that he betrayed. He lives in LA but has had to come to Cincinnati on a business trip. This was his former home and his former life but when he left suddenly without a real reason and set off to discover life, he hurt a few people. So when he meets Lisa Hesselman, a fragile and gentle woman, it looks set to happen again. He is set to be a jerk and she is set to be hurt…

Am1Anomalisa is not that sort of a film. Kaufman doesnt want it to be. He wants it to be a statement of virisimilitude and personal truth. It is not that sort of a film that you expect to just allow to play out in a casual manner. It has seismic jolts of emotion, tragedy and personal destruction.The lives of ordinary people that are simply travelling through space, become enriched with real depth by both Kaufmans written persona and humanistic pathos. I found it funny, tender, draining and often haunting. Dont get me wrong, this is not Kaufmans best film. It has its flaws in its pacing, nagging sense of awareness in what it wants to say and its drift into obsessive but it marks a great move toward ambition and adult cinema.

AM2David Thewlis is excellent as the lead Michael. He has a harsh note to his voice that adds to Stones utter inability to reflect on his faults. Jason Leigh is also very good as the weakened, shy but honest Lisa. The animation can be jarring often as it pulls you out and in but I suspect that is its reason. It works as a counter to the swelling of emotives. I love the sets, they look adorable.

The disc is filled with great extras. The Q and A and Tiny things are worth the price alone…

Q&A with directors Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson
13 Featurettes:
Crafting Anomalisa
It could only be Charlie
Meet Lisa
Meet Michael
Outside the Studio System
Tiny Things: Air Freshener
Tiny Things: Cigarettes
Tiny Things: Clouds
Tiny Things: Eyeballs
Tiny Things: Feet
Tiny Things: Martini Glasses
TV Spot
Behind the scenes photo gallery
Theatrical Trailer

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