A Wrinkle in Time DVD review

Disney have embarked on a multi dimensional children’s film with some scientific success and a little dusting of star power. When Meg Murry (Storm Reid) father disappears after he declares the ability to cross dimensions, she is ridiculed. At school everyone laughs at her and joeks about her. Four years later and still the jibes. However when her younger brother CW ( Deric McCabe) introduces her to Mrs Who, Mrs What and Mrs Why…They might know a way to bring him back.

Its one thing for Disney to produce a television show from a well known and popular book. This we could have said to expect. However for them to fund a major motion picture, with female star power and a woman director (of colour no less) it deserves applause. In the world of Trump, it is unexpected as well. After all Disney is the home of gender stereotypes, often enforced by the film being watched. However here we have a revolution on our hands.  The end product is a multi faceted film which has some issues but also seems to work well for its target audience (Kids that is). It does all the things kids want. It has adventure that is almost always fantastical. It has laughs, that are broad and sometimes silly. It has stunning visuals, that seem like a video game. A Wrinkle in Time issues are that its forgettable and soapy in places. It leaves you as it found you. Its a lot of paint by numbers. Be that as it may, in the end the film is life affirming. It also has Oprah, she should be president…

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