A Night in the life of Jimmy Reardon DVD Review

A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF JIMMY REARDON, River Phoenix, Meredith Salenger, 1988. ©20th Century Fox

Window shopping or day dreaming?

Its the 1960s and apart from all that great clothing and music, small town outskirts of Chicago sucks. Jimmy Reardon wants to get out of the dumb place and travel to a college near a town with human peoples in. Jimmy writes poems and plays, which do not go down well with towns folk as they want little of ambition or thought. So he must decide what to do now high school is over. He does not want to end up living off the main source of revenue and employment, the railway. He also has a friend that wants to get laid, Fred Roberts might be rich but the girls are another puzzle and he cant solve it. Jimmy can and has girls eating out of his hands. So in a night to remember and forget, the two friends set out to lose his friends cherry and find a solution to the problem of going somewhere and doing something with his life.


Don’t look now but…

River Phoenix died too young, was beautiful beyond many of his generation and did not fulfil his acting potential. True words enough. Finding an unseen film of his can be a great thing for sure. Like the Holy Grail of film if you love the 80s and early 90s films. I am half way with them and hate the nostalgia bullshit that breeds around them. These films are often mediocre and are on the whole, time capsule pieces. This film is no exception to this rule. It is often unfunny, dull and a little too light of touch to make it matter. This said Phoenix and Perry have great chemistry and their scenes are fun. The whole story around this is blah, empty and leaves you without care for character or components.  Sad really as I wished a little more from it and got a lot less back.


I have more on that this DVD…

DVD is the usual from Simply Media. Ok film, good transfer but NO EXTRAS!!!!!

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