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Revisiting battle sites in France for some is an occasion of reflection and remembrance.  In A Foreign Field Cyril (Leo McKern), Amos (Alec Guinness) and Waldo ( John Randolph) are revisiting the conflict. Cyril and Amos are former British soldiers, Cyril has returned to find a lost love. Amos has become childlike after dementia and is along only under the care of Cyril. Waldo is out to find a lost love but is constantly under the gaze of his daughter Beverly (Geraldine Chaplin) and her husband (Edward Herrmann) in tow.

The world literally stood on the brink at one point. British and American lives (and of course millions of other nations) were torn apart and the legacy of the events still resonant. With A Foreign Field the relationship between event and those involved is explored as it reaches the edge of the generation.Time is the central tangible piece here. Unlike other films that want us to commit to the war in its time, with blood and bullets flying, A Foreign Field is set in the current. Set in a now positioned for today and not for the times that have long passed us by. As time flows does consciousness and personal accountability lessened?

A Foreign Field suggests that it converts due to age. It becomes less decisive. What we see here is three men searching for peace. They want answers from the great unsolved. Held within a frame. Dead friends, loves and lost hopes are all examined. Its meditative and funny, touching and unassuming. Guinness is the best thing about the film. Funny and warm, he adds rather lovely notes. Its a simple film. One that is not as profound as others would like…

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