Patriots Day DVD Review

PD1Just another day for Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Wahlberg). Having been a top cop, he now has to do the slow climb up back again.  Due to a knee injury that has had him off work, he spent time recovering. Now with his physical improvement, he has been cleared for work again. The problem with work is that you cant start at the top. So Saunders has to steward the marathon in Boston on Patriots day. Then as the race is about to end, an explosion rips through the crowd. A second explosion some seconds after the first cuts through the fleeing crowd. Terrorism has hit the heart of the race and Saunders life.

PD3Peter Berg has given us a series of films that look at the world we live in and the major events we see on our news channels. I was unsure about this film. It takes an event that had deep felt and deeply complex issues at its centre. Issues that are not only for one place or have a root in one area. Then it lets those issues wash over a film that centres on the life of a person. That is the films great failing. It wants to personalise these horrific events by making them central to a sole life. Though it introduces the lives and worlds of others, we never escape the world of Saunders. The horrors through his eyes, the violence through his hands, the emotion through his tears. It is a shame as the film might have been different if it approached its subject from another view point. Maybe even if it just took a step back.



The DVD had little on it. The extras are dull and add little to the film. I personally feel very saddened at having to write this but in he end the truth is the truth.

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