2019 : After the fall of New York Blu Ray review

atf4The world has become a barren, infertile place. After the nuclear war between the Eurasian alliance and the Pan American empire. When the only fertile woman left on the planet is discovered in New York, Parsifal is asked to find her and bring her back to the Pan American Alliance. The problem is that New York is a wasteland of mutants and Eurasian warriors, unfriendly spies, evil gangs and of course the nuclear waste that poisons the mind.

atf3Though not as good as Escape from New York, Mad Max or The Bronx Warriors, this is another interesting addition to the end of the world film series. As we know, Italian cinema of the 1980s relied on the genre films that became popular from the US and Australia. Carpenter was the main inspiration and his films always became the starting point for the knock off films that surfaced. Some were utterly awful and some like the a-fore mentioned Bronx Warrior series, were amazing. Taking ideas from the two other films and making new head way.

ATF1It might not be everyone’s taste as it has some very cheap effects, daft plot and occasional silly action sequences but I loved it. It has that rare quality of being bold, playing with ideas and then riffing on others. The film never pulls off the gas, always adds and never loses sight of its absurd brilliance. Its use of Mad Max post apocalypse madness one minute, then its Escape from New York side step, followed by a Children of Men (book not film) plot is great. It makes for a thrill¬†ride.

atf2The disc is interesting enough. Firstly the film looks great but retains that gentle celluloid grain. This is my nice way of saying it has not been over preserved. I hate that. Hate that. The extras are nice enough. Booklet is okay. Interview is better, as it opens the door to how people craft knock off fun.

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