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You know what 1984 is. You must do. I know. I have read the novel. Came to conclusions about what I would do. Felt the rat, clawing at my skin. So yes we know what it is about. The essential elements at play here are simple enough to define. State control, centralised economy and the over flowing power of communism. All this leads to all manner of suppression and sadism. A dystopian nightmare in which we all are servants and only the party masters. The state needs to keep an eye on everyone, needs to hear everything and know anything. Orwell was paranoid, he was also intelligent enough to know what was to come…

If you don’t know the story of 1984, well let me put it together. Britain has become ‘airstrip one’. Oceania has become a superstate and controls half the world. The other half is controlled by Eurasia. Winston Smith (John Hurt) monitors what is released to the masses. Love is banned, Truth is lies, War is peace. So when he meets a young woman (Suzanna Hamilton) everything will become complicated. He is arrested and charged. He denies and is finally taken to Room 101. In order for the authorities to await his complete confession.

The film of 1984 keeps much of the books narrative. It only ventures away in two important areas. Hurt fleshes out the human elements of Smith. This gives him as much connection as the book version.  Burton becomes the whole of the political control engine, helping us to personify evil. It works and actually benefits from being so faithful, yet ringing these changes. The film also captures the notion of control via media indoctrination. It emphasises this notion with an adaption of ideas but does not fail in its translation.  It is very telling of our time and our political climate.

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