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Sunday 20th May, 3pm, Roxy Bar & Screen

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SHIVERS The Influence of the Canadian Tax Shelter Films

“Canadian genre cinema is a curious cultural phenomenon with a colourful history, the films that have been made are coated in the personalities of their creators and a nationally-bred aesthetic of professional documentary filmmaking, yet these movies scour the continent looking for respect only to end up on the back shelves of video shops or the late-night programming of Canadian and American cable channels, to be appreciated mostly by cult audiences.”

Caelum Vatnsdal, “They Came From Within”

SHIVERS is designed to shed light on the long neglected, often ignored contribution to genre cinema that Canada has been making over the last four decades. It is dedicated to bringing artistically influential, cult, and independent Canadian genre films to a UK audience in an exciting series of theatrical events, starting with The Influence of Canadian Tax Shelter Films.

3pm The Red Hours (John Fallon 2008)

John Fallon’s short film The Red Hours spent eleven years in development hell with several American companies before he had to fight to get the rights back to his own script, where he shucked the albatross of the American executives to produce his own work independently. The 10 minute, macabre, action-packed, horror film was finally released it to international acclaim in 2008.

+ Deaden (Christian Viel 2006)

The feature film co-written by Fallon and director Christian Viel, which saw plenty of airtime after a theatrical release in Canada, is a revenge flick in the true grindhouse sense produced and released a full year before the Tarantino/Rodriguez pastiche (and three years before Hobo with a Shotgun).

5pm $lasher$ (Maurice Devereaux 2001)

The continues with Maurice Devereaux’s $lasher$, about a group of game show contestants willing to bet their lives against a trio of killers (and each other) for millions of dollars. The film, as told through the eye of the game-show camera in one continuously kinetic shot, was produced in 2001 and released well before Series 7 and the “reality”-style Paranormal Activity.

7pm The Hard Cut (D’Amato 2011)

A double-feature noir epic where the arrival of a mysterious woman with a large sum of cash peaks detective Roddy Tillinghast. His financial woes motivate him to the center of a cult of deadly femmes who need to put him six feet under. The director of The Hard Cut will also be on hand for a talk about Canadian culture in cinema and a film production Q&A.

9:30pm Videodrome (Cronenberg ‘1983)

We conclude with Cronenberg’s cult classic, one of the best films to come out of Canada’s infamous “Tax Shelter” period, a hugely productive period in Canadian cinema that had a lasting and influential effect on future Canadian filmmakers.

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