Win thrilling Megableu games!

Just in time for Christmas we are giving away five cool games from Megableu. It’s hilarious fun for the whole family.

Capture the elusive Rhino with the amazing SPIDERMAN CHASE RHINO game. Spider-man jumps on his base and projects RHINO shadows on the walls and ceiling. Now it’s up to you to eliminate the RHINO using your rechargeable gun and defend the city!

Make a guess of which piglet has the goo and place your PIGGIN’BOOGERS in front of the piglet. Dip your finger in the piglet’s nose… Have you found the goo?

Do you dare to come close to the basket to snatch the diamond? COBRATTACK, guardian of the sacred diamond, watches you carefully. You may move as long as his eyes are green. But beware, if his eyes are red, he is watching you.

Turn down the light and prepare yourself for a scary adventure with GHOST HUNT. Billy Bones sees dead people, his skull projects ghosts on the walls, the ceiling, high and low, ahead and behind… everywhere. Can you catch them!

Or can you face a game of truth or dare in CREEPY HAND – where the bony green hand crawls around the table to choose a player to face their doom.


We have on offer 3 x prize sets with five cool Megableu games in each set!!

To count yourself in with a chance of winning, join us on facebook and twitter – then just send us an email with your name, contact details and the answer to this simple question:

What is the name of the character who is Spiderman?

a) Peter Piper
b) Peter Pumpkin Eater
c) Peter Parker

Competition Closes: Tuesday 9th December 2014, 9am

Email your answer to Good luck!

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