Tulpa Review – FrightFest 2012

Tulpa was one of the more interesting premieres to take place at FrightFest this year, and this is possibly one of the reasons it has taken so long to get around to this review. It was an interesting film for many reasons, but primarily because (and I really hope for the sake of the film), it is still a work in progress. Before the film started, we were told that the film had only been completed literally days before the screening and that we were the first audience in the world to have seen it - of course that made us feel special and unique but I wonder whether they told us that to cover their backs and to try to conceal the weaknesses of Tulpa.

Watch The Arrival of Wang Online – FrightFest 2012

FrightFest 2012 saw The Arrival of Wang, directed by the Manetti Bros. (Paura 3D) and starring Francesca Cuttica, as both a fan favourite and tocritical acclaim (watch out for the arrival of our review, see what I did there?). Now, here is the fun stuff. Ahead of it's DVD landing, Peccadillo Pictures have released the VOD rental for this unique picture and now is your chance to check out the film right here, on FRR! To rent the film, click below, it's only £3.49 - days after it's Festival showing, that is a pretty good deal!

FrightFest Competition

Now that FrightFest 2012 is well and truly done (keep your eyes open for FRR's coverage and interview coming soon), we have a unique competition prize to give away to ONE of our readers. The atmosphere at FrightFest is like a family, people coming together each year to celebrate the genre of horror (in all it's various generic forms). The stars, directors, writers and producers of these films mix with the crowds to form the excitement of the festival and it's a great time had all round.