Princess Mononoke Blu-ray Review

Princess Mononoke is anime through and through. Anime is just the Japanese word for animation, but the term has come to be associated with a few genre traditions, and Mononoke is crammed full of them.

The Cat Returns Blu-Ray review

Studio Ghibli are the greatest animation studio working at the moment. Even Pixar doesn’t come close in terms of their astonishing consistency. They only have one real stinker – the high school drama Ocean Wave... Read More...

Like Father, Like Son Blu-ray Review

Hirokazu Koreeda has been making films since 1991, but with I Wish and Like Father, Like Son, the director’s reputation in Europe and America has grown significantly, gaining much wider releases and more critical attention than he has previously enjoyed in the West.

The Satyajit Ray Blu-Ray Collection

To those already familiar with Satyajit Ray, there is doubtless much to be said of how this boxset of five of his films from the 60s fits in with his legacy and how themes recur throughout his work.