Upstream Color Review

Wondrous, dense and utterly abstruse, Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color is the sort of film that surrenders more on a second viewing. Or third, or eighth. Yet, it still doesn’t surrender everything. If anything it asks surrender of the viewer. To watch Upstream Color is to accept incongruity, embrace esotericism and really to roll with what is on offer. Oddly, this is a good thing. A really good thing. “You can force your story’s shape but the color always blooms upstream.” Two watches in, and that statement is no closer to making an iota of sense, but that is okay. Mysticism is the order in Upstream Color.

More Than Honey Review

Do you know about the bees? John Hurt knows about the bees. Bees are disappearing fast, and Markus Imhoof’s idiosyncratic documentary More Than Honey doesn’t exactly know why. What it does know is that the b... Read More...

Kuma Review

Umat Dag’s first film Kuma charts the course of disarray with impressive finesse.

The Wolverine Review

With his sixth portrayal of the character proving only marginally less lacklustre and unnecessary than the last, Hugh Jackman’s perpetual attachment to Wolverine seems misplaced, if somewhat charming. (It’s not... Read More...

Top of the Lake Review

As much gender polemic as police procedural, Jane Campion’s little girl lost TV miniseries/extended film Top of the Lake explores the disappearance of a pregnant twelve year old girl in smalltown New Zealand an... Read More...