Pasolini Review

'Narrative art, as you well know, is dead. We're mourning it.' The exact circumstances of the death of outspoken, fiercely talented director, actor and poet Pier Paolo Pasolini remain unconfirmed, and no amo... Read More...

45 Years Review

Andrew Haigh's assured second film begins with a fracture, a break in routine. Kate (Charlotte Rampling) and husband Geoff (Tom Courtenay) walk their dog, greet their postman, and receive a letter. In this comp... Read More...

Democrats Review

Shot over three years, Democrats tells the story of the drafting of Zimbabwe’s 2013 democratic constitution, and is far more interesting than something fitting that description has any right to be. After more t... Read More...

Catch Me Daddy Review

Daniel Wolfe lifts liberally from his most successful peers in Catch Me Daddy, but seems to miss the key components: character and heart.

BiRDMAN Review

With his new film BiRDMAN, Mexican miserablist Alejandro González Iñárritu shows he is capable of changing pace, but not necessarily in a manner that will be to everyone's liking.