Juan of the Dead DVD Review

A Cuban zombie film, you can almost smell the subtext. Juan of the Dead is directed by Alejandro Brugues, and as you may expect this film takes a satirical approach to the genre, in much the same vain as Shaun of the Dead. Where Shaun of the Dead was quintessentially English, Juan of the Dead reflects its Cuban heritage exceptionally well.

Pictures of Lily – Trailer

The trailer for the exciting up and coming film, Pictures of Lily, is finally here. Head on over to the Indie go-go page now to get a first look at what promises to be a exceptional British film. Project web... Read More...

Arrietty DVD Review

Arrietty is the latest offering from the prolific Japanese animation house, Studio Ghibli. Thankfully it is just as magical and beautiful as the previous offerings from the studio.

Snowtown Review

Snowtown (Justin Kurzel) is a harrowing experience from start to finish, it may be an uncomfortable film to watch, but its this which aids its nightmarish feel and makes it a very good film.

Green Lantern Blu-Ray Review

Green Lantern (Martin Campbell) is a film which is all surface and no depth, its redeeming quality is its spectacular effects and some criminally underused characters.