The Regular Show Season 1 DVD Review

Clearly wanting to cash in on the success of Adventure Time, Cartoon Network have attempted to replicate some of what made that fantasy show popular with The Regular Show.

Adventure Time Season 2 DVD Review

Adventure Time is the kind of cartoon show that turns up once every few years that wears the mask of children's entertainment but gathers an audience far wider than its ostensible demographic.

Veronica Mars Review

Veronica Mars proves the reunion can sometimes be great and even open up the story for a new generation of fans. Highly recommended and one of the most exciting films of the year.

Veronica Mars UK Trailer Revealed

“Veronica Mars” the feature film based on the beloved and acclaimed US television series of the same name, will be released digitally on March 14.

Wonderfalls DVD Review

Wonderfalls may well be the latest to count itself among that privileged few. Since its cancellation only 4 episodes into its first season in 2004, an increasing number of fans have campaigned to see it released on DVD. Nearly a decade this wish has been granted, and justifiably so for it really is an absolute joy.