Black Moon Rising Blu Ray review

You know when a list of desires are put together by a group of film junkies, the list often include very bizarre things. A super car that can do tricks is high up on the want list, a spy thriller might appear, ... Read More...

The Homesman DVD Review

Tommy Lee Jones’ return to the director’s chair has excited many but those unfamiliar with his previous work might have been uninspired by the trailer for The Homesman. Though Jones is adept behind the camera, ... Read More...

Lincoln Review

Nominated for 12 Academy Awards, 7 Golden Globes and 11 Baftas, Lincoln is Steven Spielberg’s much-anticipated and critically acclaimed look at the final four months of the 16th President of America, Abraham Lincoln’s life.

Hope Springs Review

Hope Springs finds Kay (Steep) and Arnold (a very funny (at moments) Tommy Lee Jones) at a point in their lives where they aren't talking, they aren't enjoying being in each others company, they aren't sleeping in the same rooms and most importantly, they aren't having sex.