John Walters Multiple Maniacs might be less infamous than his 1972 PINK FLAMINGOS, but it still retains a heap of bite. Divine (playing herself) runs a show called The Cavalcade of Perversion. It an exhibit of ... Read More...

Inherit the Wind Blu Ray

Inherit the wind stands tall as a defining work of modern political cinema. Small town America. Evolution vs creationism. Legal issues that divide a state. When teacher Bertram Cates is arrested for teachin... Read More...

The Cremator Blu Ray

The chillingly dark tale of fascism and fatherhood, mixes sardonic black comedy, satire and a large amount of coffins. Coming together to leave a deeply felt masterwork.  Karf works as cremator. He is a profess... Read More...

Map To The Stars Blu-ray Review

Featuring a powerhouse performance from Julianne Moore, David Cronenberg's Map To The Stars is a look at the very real heart of darkness that seems to have taken over Hollywood since began.

LFF 2012: Antiviral

Antiviral in it's strongest manages to provide us with a clever satire on the celebrity obsessed culture that we are now living in.