Images Blu Ray review

Altman plays to the trend of the era and electrifies it. Children's author Cathryn (Susanna York) is on the cusp of sanity. A series of mysterious phone calls at her home call out her life. Her husband Hugh (Re... Read More...

The Gingerbread Man DVD

Rick Magruder (Branagh) is a lawyer in the deepest south of America. He is a well known and disliked guy, who has busted the state over many legal infringements and got some of the worst off of criminal charges... Read More...

3 Women Blu-ray Review

The surreal Californian town which houses a spa and day care center for the old and infirm, also houses Millie Lammoreaux.

Altman Review

“Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.” So said Altman and his expansive, prolific and diverse output has lead his viewers on a rewarding journey into a variety of people’s lives, in ways which were fr... Read More...

The Long Goodbye Blu-ray Review

Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye, adapted from the Raymond Chandler novel, is quite possibly one of the most marvellous, compelling and intelligent American crime thrillers of all time.