The Darkest Hour Blu Ray review

Historical issues, Brexit fantasy, false narratives on Churchill and over bloated story telling. This discourse has plagued THE DARKEST HOUR, Joe Wrights bio pic of the man who lead the world in the fight again... Read More...

A Fantastic Woman Blu Ray

Sebastian Leilo breathtaking film is drenched in humanity but sprinkled with surreal moments that would fit equally into Federico Fellini. Marina Vidal (Daniela Vega in a stunning performance) is a cabaret sing... Read More...

Elle Review

Elle is, perhaps, a misleading title, for Michèle Leblanc is no everywoman. In as much as anything can be expected of Isabelle Huppert, her latest creation is singularly complex, a provocative woman to match th... Read More...

Moonlight Review

Moonlight is a rare find in cinema - a film that transcends any genre conventions, with sublime performances, an emotional ride, poetic, charming, universal storytelling and ultimately - incredibly important. Long story short; we are lucky to be able to watch a film like Moonlight.

Fedora Blu Ray Review

Barry Detweiler ('Dutch' to his friends) has flown all the way to Corfu. He is on a mission to find Fedora, the acting great and mystery that has left a shadow over the movie world since she suddenly stopped ma... Read More...

Spotlight Review

As Spotlight begins, the lyrical piano melodies composed by Howard Shore are the first thing the audience experiences.