The Act of Killing is brought to the people of Indonesia for free

It is announced today that Award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary film The Act Of Killing will be made available for free to the people of Indonesia in perpetuity - where a theatrical and home entertainment release has not been possible due to political reasons - through the joint efforts of the US distributor Drafthouse Films, global media company VICE, integrated digital platform VHX, Danish film production company Final Cut for Real ApS, and the Anonymous crew behind the film.

La Poison Blu-ray Review

Eureka presents their latest edition to their Masters of Cinema collection, this time with Sacha Guitry's 1951 French comedy drama, La Poison, which is set in the small village of Remonville where everyone knows everyone else's business.

LFF 2012: I, Anna

I, Anna in all ways is a family affair; the film stars Charlotte Rampling, who in her 60's still looks stunning and can still give thrilling performances off slightly unhinged women.

I Saw the Devil Review

From the Korean director who brought us A Tale of Two Sisters, Kim Ji-Woon once again delivers the goods in the form of this outstanding murder and revenge horror film, I Saw the Devil. From the opening sce... Read More...