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  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Review

    Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Review

    In the case of the outlandish news team of Burgundy et al, there is plenty of audience goodwill hoping for this sequel to chime the bells of success.

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  • Side By Side Review

    Side By Side Review

    Every so often a documentary is made, which really captures the minds and hearts of its audience. In the last year, the genre, which has often been sidelined to television, has generated some of it’s biggest and most successful releases on the big screen including Searching For Sugarman, Marley, The Imposter, Hit So Hard and [...]

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  • Final Destination 5 3D Review

    Final Destination 5 3D Review

    If you’re hoping that Final Destination 5 will be the sweet icing on top of a rather tired franchise, except to leave the cinema feeling just as cheated as death did. The latest killer instalment is delivered by small-time director Steven Quale and follows a group of young employees who narrowly escape their intended deaths, [...]

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  • Horrible Bosses Review

    Horrible Bosses Review

    Television trio Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis prove they can bring big laughs to the big-screen in Seth Gordon’s latest black comedy. Gordon returns to direct his sophomore film Horrible Bosses which, complete with its unconventional line-up of cast members, makes for one horribly hilarious summer flick. If the title doesn’t give it [...]

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  • Sanctum – DVD Review

    Sanctum – DVD Review

    James Cameron co-produces this action-packed 3-D adventure which follows the struggles of a trapped cave-diving team desperately fighting for survival. Directed by Alister Grierson, this Australian drama is inspired by the true-life events of co-writer Andrew Wight, who narrowly escaped death after a dangerous underwater diving expedition. Universal Pictures teamed up with Relativity Media for [...]

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  • Reynolds and Bateman Bring the R-rated Comedy

    Reynolds and Bateman Bring the R-rated Comedy

    Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds teams up with Juno actor Jason Bateman for what’s set to be a stateside summer blockbuster. The duo star in David Dobkin’s latest ‘body-swapping’ comedy Change-Up, where Reynolds’s plays the archetypal playboy who accidentally switches bodies with his married best-friend Bateman. During a string of recent press junkets, the comedic [...]

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