A Change in the Weather Review

It starts with an interrogation. Lydia (Anna Mottram) sits, isolated in the middle of the wide frame, answering questions thrown to her by off-screen voices. Is this real or performance, truth or fiction? A fil... Read More...

Back to the Garden DVD Review

It’s a year since the death of Ivan, an inspirational theatre director, and we follow a group of his close friends who come together to celebrate his memory.

Back To The Garden Review

Back to the Garden is the final part in Jon Sanders loose trilogy exploring love and death with each film shot on a taut shoestring budget and set in the Kent countryside. With protagonists in their 60s the past weighs heavy: past indiscretions, words gone unsaid, emotions buried under the weight of time.

Late September DVD Review

The last few years have been an exciting time for British no-budget films. Amongst others Down Terrace, Skeletons, Treacle Jr and Black Pond have showcased directors creating work on their own terms and gaining... Read More...

Interview with Jon Sanders

Jon Sanders is a former editor and sound recordist who as director and co-writer (with Anna Mottram) has carved out a unique niche in British cinema. In his Belgrade Manifesto he talked about making films ‘With... Read More...