Mother! DVD Review

There is no one making films like Darren Aronofsky. Noah aside (although it’s not that bad really) , the writer/director from the US is forging a bold and distinctive furrow of his own making. It is no surprise... Read More...

The Counsellor Review

“The slaughter to come is probably beyond our imagining.” Michael Fassbender plays the titular character merely named: The Counselor.

To The Wonder DVD Review

Terrence Malick returns from 2011's The Tree of Life with To The Wonder starring Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams and Javier Bardem. As a celebrated auteur, Malick has become known for some of the most beautiful poetic imagery in contemporary cinema. Yet To The Wonder seems to fall flat because to keep the audience interested there has to be more than pretty images, the storyline needs to be intriguing and the characters need to say more than three lines each.

Skyfall Review

In the immediate aftermath of a cyber security breach, nerdish IT expert Q (Ben Whishaw) informs James Bond (Daniel Craig) that there are only six people in the world who can hack such systems as that on which ... Read More...