The Big Heat Blu Ray Review

Homicide detective Dave Bannion (Ford) lives at the high point of his career and at the low point of his life. He is put on the investigation of Tom Duncan, a cop that committed suicide. A suicide is a bum deal... Read More...

Hangmen also die! Blu Ray Review

The Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia has been on going for sometime. The German dominance of the people, the law and the land has been meet with fierce resistance. The Nazi top brass have a evil and tyrannical... Read More...

Le Mépris Review

Jean-Luc Godard had six films released in 1963. Le Mépris was one of those and it is more than most filmmakers manage in a lifetime. This is a film about a film where one director, Godard, pays his respects to many others while making a film utterly his own.

Metropolis Blu-ray Review

Costing 5 million reichmarks but making only 75000 back, upon release Metropolis was seen a giant flop and copies of it were summarily destroyed.