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  • The Way He Looks Review

    The Way He Looks Review

    In The Way He Looks, Ribeiro offers a commendable sensitivity to a story that could easily be side-tracked by the plight of disability.

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  • Australian Slasher Film opens Monster Fest in Nov

    Australian Slasher Film opens Monster Fest in Nov

    Monster Fest, Australia's foremost celebration of cult cinema, kicks off on the 20th of November with the Melbourne premiere of the eagerly awaited Australian slasher film, CHARLIE'S FARM at Cinema Nova, Carlton.

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  • Love Hotel Review

    Love Hotel Review

    The doors to Japan’s deeply closeted sexual society are teased open in Phil Cox & Hikaru Toda’s documentary Love Hotel as a crudely compiled intro condensing japan’s entire sexual history into a couple of japanese erotic woodblock paintings of secret love nests gives way to what is purportedly the modern day equivalent, the love hotel. A montage [...]

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  • New Clip from ‘Million Dollar Arm’

    New Clip from ‘Million Dollar Arm’

    Based on a true story, MILLION DOLLAR ARM is an inspirational and uplifting journey packed with funny moments which celebrates teamwork, commitment and what it means to be a family.

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  • Claustrophobic Cinema

    Claustrophobic Cinema

    Throughout the course of cinema, there have been many films which tap into a common fear many cinemagoers share; the fear of confined spaces. To celebrate the release of Pioneer on Blu-ray and DVD on 4th August 2014 from Arrow Films, we count down the ten best examples of claustrophobic cinema.

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  • In Bloom DVD Review

    In Bloom DVD Review

    In Bloom is a story told in these margins as two young girls find their voices, learning how to make themselves heard amidst a society undergoing fundamental and volatile change.

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