Berlin Film Festival 2016: Hail, Caesar Review

Loaded with a big name cast hamming it up to the nines, Joel and Ethan Coen return having shamelessly plumbed and thumbed the contents of their contact list to wield some starry-eyed gloss to their affectionate, yet also occasionally cutting, look at the Hollywood machine in the 1950s in Hail, Caesar.

Seret 2015 | Zero Motivation Review

Talya Lavie's feature film debut is the outrageously brilliant, Zero Motivation; another in a line of fascinating, revealing and powerful filmmaking from Israel telling women's stories.

Seret 2015 | Next To Her Review

Few people will know Asaf Korman's (who previously edited horror comedy Big Bad Wolves) Next To Her and even fewer will be aware that the best female performance of the year is one of Korman's lead actresses, Dana Ivgy.