Beware of Mr. Baker Review

You clearly don’t want to piss the notorious Ginger Baker off, but this is what debut director Jay Bulgar can’t help but do, as even innocuous questions like why don’t you take up the drums again? Or prompts for elaboration or any kind of analysis from Bulgar are met with the utmost contempt from Baker (Baker: “Fuck, why do we have to talk about this shit?!"). Bulgar is also whacked with a crutch, and repeatedly insulted by the famously reluctant and belligerent interviewee (only Lou Reed can compete for sheer malevolence). So it really is a feat in itself that the courageous and obviously determined Bulgar was able to get any insights or anecdotes at all from Baker, let alone that many of the insights and anecdotes were poignant, revealing and interesting. It must’ve taken a long time and a hell of a lot of editing and patience and for that alone he deserves the Jury Prize at South By Southwest.