50/50 Review

As far as diseases go, cancer definitely isn't the funniest. But after writer Will Reiser was diagnosed with cancer, he found it a cathartic experience to create a script based on his illness. As they say, laug... Read More...

Rabies Review

There's a lot of buzz around Rabies, it being the first slasher-horror flick to come out of Israel. Directed and written by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, it combines all of the traditional tropes; bent c... Read More...

Bridesmaids Sequel

Since Bridesmaids is shaping up to be the biggest female-driven comedy to hit our screens since Sex and the City, it’s only right that there’s already speculation surrounding a sequel in the pipeline. Follow... Read More...

Made in the USA Review

The second selection of short films that I was invited to view on Sunday at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival was the sapphic themed 'Made in the USA' which was a very different viewing experience to 'Expectations' that I had, had earlier in the day.

‘Grown Ups’ Film Review

Built on the solid foundations of Dennis Dugan and Adam Sandler, Grown Ups shows us all the value of true friendship.