Its good to see that nepotism is not in abundance in Hollywood. Not like the right wing, capitalist entities or the media conglomerates. Oh wait that seems to not figure in the case of Ridley Scott's son, J... Read More...

The Neon Demon Blu-ray Review

Following Drive and Only God Forgives, Nicolas Winding Refn returns with the stunning nightmarish vision that is The Neon Demon, an incredibly powerful, compelling and outrageous piece of cinema. From the openi... Read More...

Five Essential Ingredients for the Perfect Dive Bar

A dive bar may not always feel like the “posh” place to go, but most people have been to one at least once in their lifetime. In the upcoming film GOD’S POCKET, the story revolves around the neighbourhood in South Philadelphia better known as “God’s Pocket.”

LFF 2012: Ginger & Rosa

It is with great excitement that my first BFI London Film Festival review this year starts on a high; with Sally Potter's Ginger & Rosa starring the brilliant Elle Fanning and introducing the equally fantastic, Alice Englert as Ginger and Rosa respectively.

Detachment Review

I came to Detachment with very few expectations, I didn't really know what the film was about and I hadn't really seen too much advertisement for the film, which apparently contained Adrien Brody's best perform... Read More...